- The basis for the individual solution of the disposition management of transport companies!


The dispo tool is a current development and is suitable for all areas of fleet management, from the submission of offers to resource planning and automatic invoicing. All processes are quickly and easily recorded, clearly displayed and documented with a few clicks using easily generated document templates. With the help of detailed user rights assignments with a high security standard, all employees who are integrated in the service processing can be given individual access to individual processes, allowing them to concentrate optimally on their area of responsibility. In doing so, cooperation and communication from planning to the individual driver is possible with only one application without great technical effort

The versatility of the application is particularly suitable for adapting to your requirements in daily operations. Whatever you need in your company, you get as a tool for optimal process control and this without great effort. If your requirements change, the argedata+ Dispo-Tool is easily adaptable due to its numerous options.

Comprehensive functionality


The high scalability of the argedata+ modules simplifies the adaptation of the application to the requirements of your company without additional programming. Start a new level of efficient working in a minimal preparation time.